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Customer service is vital for any company or organization. You need to ensure you respond to all questions and issues in a timely manner. SupportTrio assists you with doing that. With tools for managing your emails, staff, and company communications you can ensure maximum customer service in an efficient manner.

Take control of your email

Manage your email with a central platform. Using SupportTrio you can centralize all customer communications, delegate emails, keep track of past communications, and much more. Think of it as an Inbox for your entire company. But instead of a static Inbox you can automatically route, delegate, and track communications.
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    Centralize Your Email
    A unique blend of automation, self-help tools, and ticket management features allow you to centralize communication and improve service.
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    Custom Ticket Views
    Create your own custom views/queues that you and others can use to work on tickets within. Organize your tickets with views.
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    Help Desk Automation
    Automate your help desk by defining custom conditions, actions, and triggers. Create custom automations for virtually any task.
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    Live Collaboration
    Collaborate with our live typing & viewing indicators, auto drafting, internal messaging, ticket comments, & more.
    Self-Help Features
    Enable your customers to obtain instant answers using our set of self-help features. Including KB, instant response, troubleshooters, etc..
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    SLA's & Reports
    Including user reports, company reports, billing reports, ticket activity reports, ticket feedback reports, SLA reporting, and more!
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    User Management
    Create company accounts, public users, and admin users. Set unique permissions & access controls for your admin users & staff.
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    Automatic Escalation
    Have tickets automatically escalated based on your own custom rules and set what should happen when an escalation occurs.
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    Customize & Integrate
    Customize the interface & styles from within the software. Connect with LDAP & other login sources. Full API for external integration.
  • "Has improved our responsiveness to enquiries..."
    " By collecting all emails within the help desk the groups collectively have access to each email and the responses. This has made us more accountable and has improved our responsiveness to enquiries.   Best of all, we now have more time to devote to developing the software."
    Mambo Foundation (
    "This ensures a positive customer service experience..."
    "We have several techs and a lot of requests that apply to different systems, with varying levels of priority and time required. We have to be able to juggle all of those variables in a smart way. This ensures a positive customer service experience as all user requests are accounted for and do not get ignored or forgotten."
    WestGroup Research (
    "Allowing us to get through more tickets per day than before...."
    "Support staff can get on with their allocated tasks managed by the support admin rather than clients sending email direct to each staff member, allowing us to get through more tickets per day than before.""
    Othello Technology (
    "Any member of staff can take care of a support request..."
    "Quite simply we're able to track progress. Any member of staff can take care of a support request. It's a much more accurate system then just having a client email a support request. We also have a paper trail should there be any questions."
    Ticket Alternative (

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