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Simplify your help desk (and your life) with automation

We have designed SupportTrio to all you to create custom automation behaviors and custom escalation rules. This enables you to create custom work flows that fit your specific needs.


What Are Automations?

Automations allow you to define a set of conditions along with a set of actions that should take place when those conditions match.

Here are a couple examples of what you can do with automations:

  • When a ticket reaches a specific priority you could change the priority and assign it to specific user
  • When a ticket has a certain status & department you could send a notification email to select users.
  • When a ticket is changed from Open to Closed status you can un assign all users.
  • Many more....

You are able to define any number of conditions and any number of actions per automation. You can even group conditions and user and/or logic for more complex matching.


Available Automation Conditions

There are hundreds of different automation conditions. Including things like (Ticket is created from web), (Status is), (Status is changed to), (Duration is), (Subject contains), and so much more.

For each condition you can set an operator for that condition. So if you wanted to create a condition for "Status" you would have the options to have "Status is", "Status is not", "Status changed to", and "Status changed from".

For a full list of conditions and to find how easy it is to create automations try our free trial and go to the Administration > Automations page.


Available Automation Actions

For every automation you can set any number of actions. Available actions include:

  • Sending an email
  • Setting department
  • Setting status
  • Setting priority
  • Setting subject
  • Setting due date
  • Assign user(s)
  • Un assign user(s)
  • Subscribe user(s)
  • Unsubscribe user(s)
  • Mark ticket as sticky
  • Mark ticket as not sticky
  • Mark ticket as billable
  • Mark ticket as spam
  • Mark ticket as not spam
  • Delete Ticket

Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements (SLA's) are a specific type of automated task. You can define custom service level agreements and apply them to "companies" you setup within your help desk. The options are very similar to regular automations but with SLA's you are able to define custom agreements for specific clients and view reporting based of your agreements.
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