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User Collaboration


Collaborate and get more done

Customer service is improved when operators can collaborate. Avoid duplication of work, assist other operators with questions, and much more.

Know what tickets are already being worked on

When viewing any list of tickets it is easy to spot tickets that other operators are currently viewing. When you see the "eye" icon it means that another user is viewing the ticket and taking action. Hover over the "eye" for a list of users currently viewing that ticket.

When viewing a ticket you will be notified if anyone else is viewing that ticket.


Avoid duplication of work

You will be notified if there are any operators currently responding to the ticket you are viewing. Additionally you can see live drafts of what the other operator is typing. This allows you to continue work with another ticket or collaborate with the user regarding their response.

Private messaging

Easily send private messages to any other operators. These private messages can help you work to close tickets and find resolutions to questions.

Ticket commenting

Operators can post comments on any ticket. These comments are only viewable by other operators and do not appear for the end user client. Discuss ideas and possible solutions for the ticket using ticket comments.

Escalation & custom ticket reviewing made simple

With our powerful automation feature you can create your own escalation and ticket reviewing processes. Setup automations for ticket reviews to be done by certain users matching certain conditions and much more!

Automation & Escalation Self-Help Features

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