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A knowledge base that lets your users find answers to their questions

The help desk includes a fully featured knowledge base & knowledge management component. Your users are able to view articles, share information, and much more.

Create in-depth multi level categories

Organize your data & articles with nested categories, tags, and more! Numerous category options allow you to control how your data will be presented along with who can access what.


Edit while browsing your knowledge base

"Active Editing" allows you to edit your knowledge base while you view what your visitors would see. As you browse you can double click categories and articles to make instant and quick updates.


Glossary & word index

Easily add automatically highlighted terms to your glossary. When the user clicks on the highlighted term, they see a small layer of text containing a detailed description of the term. Our index feature allows you to have a full index of terms used.


Create articles with ease

Adding & editing content has never been easier with our "what you see is what you get" editor. No HTML or coding experience needed! Quickly create stunning documents.

Article version control

KB allows you to automatically save versions of documents as you edit them. That way you can go back, look at changes, and even revert to an earlier version of an article!

Numerous article options

You have full control over each article with the ability to set a publish date, ending date, require article approval, specify article tags, set article icons, and more! 

Add any number of file attachments for each article. Set a single article to be in multiple categories.

Commenting & discussions

Allow users to comment on articles and discuss the article with others. This feature can be turned off if you wish to disable discussions. Or you can turn on moderation features to require approval of comments before they are posted.

Advanced Searching

The search feature helps your visitor get where they're going fast. Options include: limiting the search to a certain category, specifying a date range, specifying a search type (such as full text, id #, or matching whole word), along with specifying the max results and search terms.


Email & subscriptions

Visitors can email the article (to themselves or a friend) and can subscribe to an article. When subscribed to an article they will receive an email notification whenever that article has been updated or modified.


Instant suggestions when submitting tickets

As your visitors type into the form for a new ticket they will be given a list of suggested KB articles. This helps them find the answer to what they are looking for before they have even contacted you! 


Additional Email Design & Campaign Features

Article Templates
For creating new articles
Approval Process
To require approval before publishing
Find & Replace
Quickly find/replace terms
Page Breaks
Allow for multi-page articles
File Attachments
Attach any number of files
Article Ratings
Allow your visitors to rate articles
Saved Article List
Let users create a custom list
RSS, PDF, More..
Users can export to PDF, RSS, etc..
SEO Friendly
All aspects are SEO friendly

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