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help desk software

Self-Help Features


Let your customers help themselves and receive instant answers

Every help desk needs actual people replying to some questions. But with our wide variety of self-help features we ensure that all possible avenues have been made available to your client to obtain instant answers to their questions before having to submit a ticket.

Instant response when submitting tickets

Our Instant Response feature automatically shows users related knowledge base articles and TroubleShooters before submitting the ticket.

Your visitor is presented with a list of the most relevant information from these sources and is then given the option to continue with submitting the ticket or cancel the ticket if they have found the solution.


Knowledge base

The help desk includes a fully featured knowledge base & knowledge management component. Your users are able to view articles, share information, and much more. You can even take ticket posts and turn them into KB articles.

Updates & announcements

Updates & announcements allow you to post news or announcements to your help desk. Your visitors will see these when they visit your help desk.


Troubleshooters allow your clients the option to find a resolution to certain situations or problems before submitting a ticket to your Support Center, saving both the support operators and the clients valuable time.

User Collaboration Knowledge Base

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