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Manage Your Tickets


Take control of your tickets and get more done

Support operators love our software because our software was designed with the actual users in mind. Features that work for the operators and clients and work flows that simply make sense.

Ticket "views" allow you to organize your work

A ticket view is a way of organizing your tickets. Each view can have its own set of conditions. By default you will have an open tickets view, my tickets view (for tickets assigned to you), closed ticket view, and a spam ticket view.

You can create your own custom views and/or modify any of the existing views. You could create a view with any set of conditions (such as certain statuses, durations, etc..) and can even choose what type of data to show in the ticket list for that view.

Share your view with other users or simply let it be your own custom view.


Advanced searching to find exactly what you need

Quickly locate tickets using the powerful search options within your help desk. Search specific ticket data and drill-down your search using a large number of filter options. You can even view recent searches and save searches that you make routinely.

Custom ticket statuses, styles, and priorities

Create custom ticket statuses (such as "under investigation", "awaiting review", "escalated", etc..) and then specify a custom style (color and display) for your status. You can also create custom priorities.

A ticket view that simplifies your life

When viewing a ticket you will find all the options you need within one click. Easily make changes to the ticket, comment on the ticket, reply to the ticket, and much more.

Starred posts allow you to highlight important posts in the ticket while other features such as auto-collapsing of large tickets make it easy to work on any size of ticket.


Mobile version

Manage your help desk from your cell phone or mobile device! Our mobile version of the help desk software allows you to view, manage, and reply to tickets from your iPhone, Android device, or just about any other mobile product.

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