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Customizing the public section

To customize the appearance of the public section, visit Administration > Public Settings & Styles:

Click "Edit" next to the first item listed, which is the default desk:

Here you can filter what sections show up on the public side.

You can also edit the appearance by checking "Customize Public Section Template" or "Customize Public Section CSS Styles":

When editing the HTML template, do notremove any text surrounded by percent signs, such as:


These "tags" are required to display the actual page content.

You are free to change the structure of the HTML, as well as any CSS class names, but be sure you have corresponding CSS rules set up for any new class names you add. When adding your own CSS rules, feel free to use the same class names in the HTML template - any rules you include will override the existing styles.

The above example CSS will cause the footer background to become green:

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