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Odd Characters are added to Mailings

When erroneous characters such as question marks appear in mailings it is usually the result of the charset being set improperly.  Symbols and characters not belonging to a charset that is being used will result in strange characters being added to your message.   You can easily fix this by opening up the language file that you are working with.  This file can be found in the Lang folder of your root directory or main folder.  The default language file is english.php. 


If the language file is set to the default  iso-8859-1 then change it to utf-8.  If it is set to utf-8 then change it to iso-8859. In most instances this will eliminate the erroneous characters from your mailings.  The next step is to create a test list with a message using the block of text where the extra characters are being added.  Send this message to an email address that you have access to. 


Clicking on preview is not a substitute for test sending because the erroneous characters are added to the message composition after the sending process has been completed. 


If these steps do not work it is possibly because another charset is required.  You will need to find the appropriate charset and insert it into the language file.  We have a couple of resources to assist you in determining the proper charset.   


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