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Troubleshooting crons

Your server's cron settings control a number of important advanced functionalities of 1-2-All which require automatic action. If you are experiencing problems with scheduled mailings or autoresponders not being sent, bounced mail not being retrieved, with e-mail subscription or unsubscription requests not being processed, or with stalled sending jobs failing to automatically restart, it is likely that your cronjobs are not set up correctly.

If you have not already set up cronjobs on your server, then doing so will probably correct any problems you're experiencing.

If you have already set up cronjobs, then you will need to check whether your 1-2-All cron script are being executed by the cron. You can check this from within your 1-2-All admin panel by going to Setting->Crons. This page will allow you to see the times that each of your 1-2-All cron scripts was run. If the cron files have never been run, or of the times listed correspond only with times that you have run the scripts manually, then your crons are not executing correctly.

If this is the case, then there are only two possibilities: either the server is not running the cronjobs as expected, or the server's PHP installation is in a non-standard location as described in this article. Your web host or server administrator can help you to address either of these issues.

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