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How do I change the Email that gets sent out through the Help Desk?

Email Notifications as well as modifying the subject line, from address, and the content contained in the email notification is handled by automations.  

First Go to Administration -> Automations

Find the automation that applies to your notification.


In this example we will modify the email that gets sent to a customer when a support operator responds to a support ticket.    Click Edit by Ticket is replied to by admin user: If (the ticket is updated by admin ) then send email to ticket contact email

Under Perform these actions you should see an edit link. 


Once you click on edit a pop up with a template for the email that will be sent out will appear.  There you can modify the From name, From, Email Address, Subject, Type, and contents of the email notification.



Ticket Filtering is also entirely handled through setting up automations.  For example,  if you wanted to have a ticket directed into a specific department you would set up the conditions that you want to have met and then direct the ticket to a department by having actions performed on the set conditions. 

Documentation on using ticket automations can be found at this location:


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