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Receiving Email Notifications Can Not See Ticket

When logging into the help desk ensure that you are using a ticket view that includes the condition the ticket was submitted under and that the user you logged in has access to the department that the ticket belongs to.

Login as the absolute admin

Go to Open Tickets -> Add & Manage Views

Edit the View You are Using

Check that the conditions that you have set correspond to the ticket you are not seeing.

If you still are unable to account for tickets that you can not view go to

Administration -> Users

See what User Group your User belongs to

Then click on the Admin Groups tab and edit this User Group

Ensure that your User Group has permissions set to access the ticket that you are not able to view in the help desk

If you are still unable to view your ticket then click on the ticket view tab on the upper left and then check to see if the ticket was filtered into the spam box.

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