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Using Desks for multiple public help sections

"Desks" allow you to create multiple public sections, each separated and isolated from each other. You must first enable search-friendly URL's:

Then visit the "Public Settings & Styles" section:

For new desks, start by including your custom URL directory (or SEO Name):

This will be used to access your desk from the public side:


Each desk must have a unique identifier for this, and no SEO Name can be used twice. For Desk Name, include the text that will be used as a headline for your desk on the public side:

The rest of the options let you control desk permissions, such as which sections get displayed and can be accessed for users visiting that desk.

Templates and styles

You can also customize your desks' appearance by editing the template and CSS:

Any CSS you include will overwrite the outer templates' CSS, so you have full control over the styles of each desk.

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