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Email Filters In Version 3

Email Filters (sometimes referred to as "site filters") from version 2 have been changed in version 3. Automation handles this now.

Automation allows you to control the flow of the software, by specifying what actions occur as a result of conditions being met. What we'll do is capture incoming emails submitted to certain help desk email addresses, then process those accordingly. For example, if an email is submitted to [email protected], we can capture that with Automation, and assign a specific department, user, etc.

Visit Administration > Automation:



If you installed a fresh copy of version 3, you'll see a few default automations in the system already - each of which handle the most basic, and commonly occurring scenarios.

You can modify the default automations, or add entirely new automations.

Our example below auto-assigns the "Technical Support" department whenever an email is sent to [email protected]:



If you are upgrading from version 2, you may have a lot of automations present - many users prefer to wipe everything and start clean. To do so, click the "Reset to default" link in the upper-right corner of the Automation page:

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