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Upgrading The Software

  1. Backup your current database and your current software directory
  2. Be aware the upgrade can take a while to fully process (depending on your server and volume of tickets) 

  3. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file

  4. Upload the main directory to your web server overwriting your current/existing help desk folder.

  5. Check the file permissions on the following files:
    • If installing on a linux server you should CHMOD the following files/folders to 777. Which is full read/write permissions.
    • If installing on a Windows server you should ensure IIS has full control / full permissions for the following files/folders.
      • admin/default.authentication_db.inc.php
      • admin/engine.inc.php
      • cache/
      • cache/public/
      • cache/admin/
      • images/
    • If you find that some of the folders listed above are missing, this may have been caused by your compression program. All that you need to do is add the folders to their respected directories

  6. Run the web based updater by opening the following file (which is located on your web server) in your web browser
    • http://path-to-your-help-desk/admin/updater.php 

      Depending on your database size this may take quite some time to process. Do not close the updater until it finishes completely.

  7. That completes your upgrade! You may now login to your software application.

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