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Department Email Settings In Version 3

Department email settings (specifically, modifying the "From" email address and name) from version 2 have been moved to another section of the software in version 3.

Version 2 allowed you to modify the "From" email address and name directly from the "Edit Department" screen:

In version 3, go to Administration > Settings > Notification Messages:

If you installed a fresh copy of version 3, you'll see a few default notification messages already in the system. You can modify these messages, or add new messages. This is where you can adjust the "From" email address and name.

To associate these notification messages to specific departments when replying to tickets, visit the Automation section, and create a new automation:

Notice the red box, which indicates where to choose the specific notification message that was created or modified earlier.

This is how you tie your notification message together with the response from a specific department.

If you are upgrading from version 2, you may have a lot of automations present - many users prefer to wipe everything and start clean. To do so, click the "Reset to default" link in the upper-right corner of the Automation page:

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