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Using Automation

Automations allow you to make behind-the-scene changes based on scenarios or conditions that you set up. Users are unaware of such changes occurring as a result of their actions. Here are a few example automation scenarios:
  • Ticket is assigned
  • Ticket is created
  • Ticket is replied to by admin user
  • Ticket is replied to by public user
Each of these scenarios can have actions applied to them, that run only when the scenario occurs. Here are some example actions that could run when each scenario occurs:
  • Change the ticket status, priority, subject, etc.
  • Assign another user to the ticket.
  • Delete the ticket.
  • Mark the ticket as spam.
  • Send an email.
Add as many scenarios as you need, and as many resulting actions that run for each scenario. To create or modify existing automations, visit the Administration > Automation section of the software:

There are a few automations already created by default:

When adding or editing an automation, provide it a unique name, and choose how you'd like your conditions met.

Choose "Match all of these conditions" if every condition you list must be met. Choose "Match any of these conditions" if only one condition can be met in order for the actions to fire.

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