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Using Troubleshooter

"Troubleshooter" provides your help desk users with immediate answers to support and troubleshooting questions, by establishing a natural progression or path for users to follow.

By providing pre-defined answers to common troubleshooting questions, you can save time and resources.

Go to Administration > Troubleshooter:

Establish the initial question that will greet visitors:

Then provide options for visitors to choose from:

Each option will appear as a link on the public side:

Click the arrows next to each option, to supply further questions and options:

Now you can continue the path of the question, and ask more detailed or specific questions:

The breadcrumbs along the top allow you to quickly navigate back to the previous question.

When an option has no further questions to be asked, you can end the current path by clicking the "stop" sign:

This will give you an option to provide a final answer, or redirect the page to a URL, KnowledgeBase article, or to the "Submit Ticket" page:

Visitors will then see the message, or be redirected:

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