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  • Login Sources
    Most people use a variety of programs on their website; one to manage their forum, another to handle trouble tickets, another still to send their email.  An often-requested feature is to use one or another of these programs to authenticate, so that users don't have to maintain more than one login...
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  • Using Desks for multiple public help sections
    "Desks" allow you to create multiple public sections, each separated and isolated from each other. You must first enable search-friendly URL's: Then visit the "Public Settings & Styles" section: For new desks, start by including your custom URL directory (or SEO Name): This...
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  • Customizing the public section
    To customize the appearance of the public section, visit Administration > Public Settings & Styles: Click "Edit" next to the first item listed, which is the default desk: Here you can filter what sections show up on the public side. You can also edit the appearance by checking "Customize Public...
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  • Removing SupportTrio Branding
    Most users choose to leave the branding and copyright notice in place.  If you wish to hide this information you will want to do the following:For the public section Open templates/inc.footernav.htm in a text editor Remove the line:SupportTrio For the admin section Open...
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  • Creating a new translation / language in SupportTrio 3.x
    Our products may very well come with your language included! To find out, simply check the languages dropdown to see what languages are available. If your language is not included in the list, do not despair: it is simple to translate our products into each of the languages you enjoy. In your...
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