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Feature Explanations


  • Ticket Views
    A ticket view is a list of tickets. You can use ticket views for an "open" tickets list, "closed" tickets list, and really any other type of ticket list you would commonly want to see.To add a ticket view hover over the views menu and select "manage views"Every view has a set of options...
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  • Setting up Saved Responses
    Saved Responses can save a lot of time from typing common replies on tickets. To set up Saved Responses, visit Administration > Saved Responses: Provide a descriptive name for your saved response (used when choosing the saved response from a list of others), and the actual content that...
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  • Using Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
    Service Level Agreements allow you to establish rules and actions that adjust tickets based on their duration, in accordance with available desk hours on a daily basis. When a ticket surpasses a specific duration, actions can run to adjust the ticket details, such as changing the status, priority,...
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  • Billable Tickets and Reports
    You can track hours and ticket quantity for billing purposes by making tickets billable, and recording the hours, minutes, and users involved. When viewing a ticket on the admin side, click the "Billing" tab, and check "Mark this ticket as billable": Then, to add billing hours, click "Add...
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  • Using Automation
    Automations allow you to make behind-the-scene changes based on scenarios or conditions that you set up. Users are unaware of such changes occurring as a result of their actions. Here are a few example automation scenarios: Ticket is assigned Ticket is created Ticket is replied to by admin...
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  • Creating updates and announcements for public notification
    If you would like important notices / announcements to be posted on the main page of your help desk you can setup a KB category to handle all announcements.Here is how you could get started:Click on "Content"Click "Add Category"Name a category "Announcements"Go to Administration > Settings > Public...
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  • Manage your files with File Library
    File Library lets you upload and manage files for your help desk. Visit Administration > File Library: You can choose to upload files, or load from a URL/path. Also provide a name, description, category, and icon: If you choose "URL/Path," the system will attempt to load the...
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  • Using Troubleshooter
    "Troubleshooter" provides your help desk users with immediate answers to support and troubleshooting questions, by establishing a natural progression or path for users to follow. By providing pre-defined answers to common troubleshooting questions, you can save time and resources. Go to...
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  • Companies and Users
    In Help Desk version 3.x, companies can be created, and users added to companies. Visit Administration > Users, then click the "Companies" tab: Provide a name for the company, an optional SLA Plan, and allow privileges or auto-join to occur. Once a company is added, you...
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  • User Groups
    User Groups are for admin users, and allow you to organize users based on permissions. Groups can designate what departments users have access to, as well as permissions for various sections in the software: Once you create groups, you can apply users to those groups:
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  • Ticket Statuses
    Ticket statuses are the actual statuses applied to tickets. The default statuses are: Awaiting Response Closed Not Viewed Re-Opened Resolved Responsed Viewed You can modify existing statuses, as well as add new statuses. Visit /admin/main.php?action=settings_statuses, and click...
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  • Ticket Fields
    Ticket Fields are custom fields that users can include values for when submitting new tickets. This is useful for obtaining additional data or information at the time of submission. You can utilize any standard HTML form control as the field element. Choose from: Text Field Text...
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  • Building a custom ticket ID
    Every ticket is issued a unique identifier which is used to locate that ticket in the system. That ticket ID is then included into all email notification messages sent by the system, and responding to those emails should post a response to that ticket.If you wish to modify the way ticket ID looks...
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  • How to edit a tickets subject
    To edit the subject of a ticket go to the view ticket page for that ticket (in the admin section) and double click the subject. That will change the main subject header to an input that you can edit. Once completed simply click outside the subject to save your changes.
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  • Login as any user with admin password
    Our software allows the main "admin" user to log in as any other user to the administrative section of the software. The idea is to bypass the need to validate using the exact user credentials, and instead provide software administrators the right to examine how the software looks and behaves when...
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  • How the Spam System Works
    One of the features that Help Desk has long supported is spam filtering, a constant concern when one publishes the email addresses used by your help desk system to the open web. In version 3, we reworked the algorithm to one where the spam filter could learn from its mistakes and tailor itself to...
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  • Blocking Ticket Submissions
    You can block tickets from being submitted by specifying an IP address, email address, or domain. Visit Administration > Settings > Blockers: Users who are blocked can submit tickets, but the ticket will not be parsed: If the user happens to be a registered user, they will also receive an...
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  • Ticket Priorities
    Ticket Priorities are applied to individual tickets, and are used to designate the level of importance. Go to Administration > Settings > Ticket Priorities. The default priorities are: High Default Low You can edit the default priorities, or add new priorities with any name: You can also...
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  • Settings: Email Users
    You can send an email to your Help Desk users by visiting the Administration > Email Users section: Here you can compose an email that will be sent to all users of a particular group: This is a great way to quickly send out notices or information to Help Desk users.
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  • Department Email Settings In Version 3
    Department email settings (specifically, modifying the "From" email address and name) from version 2 have been moved to another section of the software in version 3. Version 2 allowed you to modify the "From" email address and name directly from the "Edit Department" screen: In version 3,...
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